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To: Michael Thurmond CEO, John Matelski CGCIO, Allen Mitchell

Water and Sewage Exemption for Elderly and Disabled

Photo by CDC on Unsplash
We ask that DeKalb County Watershed Management give low income seniors and disabled residents an exemption on their water usage. Use the DeKalb County property tax exemption as a model by requiring proof of income or hardship to establish a new lower fixed rate for water and sewer usage. Remove the ability for the county to place liens on senior residents homes. No senior or disabled person should be without water nor should anyone have their home taken away for their inability to pay outrageous charges for water and sewer.

Why is this important?

Most disabled and elderly residents live on a fixed income, below poverty level, and have no additional savings. Almost 15% of residents in DeKalb County live in poverty.

How it will be delivered

By email and social media.

Dekalb County, GA, USA

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