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To: Jon Ossof, Keisha Bottom, NAACP

Stop Columbia Residential Injustice against Edgewood's Women and children!!

We want William Alce removed immediately from Edgwood Property because of his criminal behavior and acts of sexual and malicious violence towards the women on this property. We want immediate action regarding an administrative investigation into the applications and files concerning every tenant residing on this property. We want our homes immediately properly maintenance without extortion tactics. We want protection and a safe environment for our children without security and police officers using harm and foul play.

Why is this important?

It is our fundamental and human right to have our rights protected. Because of this injustice, people are mentally and physically depressed. Some without a will to live. People are in bondage and afraid for there safety. This justice is important for the development of our community and ultimately for our whole society to live in peace and harmony as one.

How it will be delivered

Via social media and directly activist

Edgewood, Atlanta, GA, USA

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Our residents are being bullied and threatened