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To: Dustin Maxwell, Landlord

Stand with Ms. Juliet, a Decatur Resident Fighting For Her Home of 27 Years

Sign this petition to demand that 1) Dustin rescind the eviction notice immediately and 2) sell Ms. Juliet’s house to a buyer who is committed to keeping Ms. Juliet in her home without raising her rent.

Why is this important?

Ms. Juliet, a Black elder of Decatur, is being forced out of her home so her landlord can sell it for a profit. Ms. Juliet is a beloved community member and has worked at a local public school serving food for 15 years. In the 27 years of living in her home, Ms. Juliet has paid what the house is worth with her rent at least 2 times over. Now her neighborhood is gentrifying, and her landlord refuses to renew the lease so he can make a profit. She is a single, low-income widow with chronic health issues, and she does not have the funds to move. Ms. Juliet does not have anywhere else to go.

Her landlord, Dustin, promised her when he bought the home 3 years ago that he wanted her to stay. Now, he’s going back on his word and trying to kick her out onto the street just to make a profit. Dustin has failed to do basic maintenance at Ms Juliet’s home, leaving her without heat for 3 months in the winter. Dustin is a big time investor with over 400 rental units. He has no right to profit from kicking Ms Juliet out of her house. We must hold him and his corporation, Jetsetter Capital, accountable to their violence.

Decatur, GA 30030, USA

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