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To: Avenida North Apartments and Sabra Property Management

Sabra Property Management: Don't Evict Elizabeth!

Stop eviction proceedings against Elizabeth Hillis and other vulnerable tenants of Avenida North

Why is this important?

My name is Elizabeth, and I am an autistic woman who has been living at the Avenida North apartments since 2017. I volunteer with the Georgia Reptile Society, Fernbank Museum, Marietta Tree Keepers, and the local community garden. Having this housing has enabled me to achieve the highest level of independence and mental stability I've ever had in my life.

Unfortunately, the property was bought in early 2022 by Sabra Property Management (who are funded by Readycap Commercial, an out-of-state investment firm and competitors of the notorious BlackRock). Sabra have been aggressively gentrifying and displacing people to the point that most of the complex is sitting vacant and has been for months. However they still filed eviction proceedings against me due to my lease expiring and their refusal to accept housing vouchers.

I currently have no guarenteed place to go despite exhaustive searching and will be made homeless if the eviction goes through. As an autistic woman with mental illness, this is terrifying given the statistics of homelessness for people like me, and could destroy a lifetime of progress on my mental health and independence.

April is Autism Awareness Month, so people need to be aware of serious issues facing autistic adults like me. GA has no ban on source of income discrimination, which harms disabled people who pay rent with housing vouchers and is why Sabra is evicting me. They've already thrown other vulnerable disabled and mentally ill people from their homes in order to gentrify the property, including a woman who told me her plan was to buy a tent and live behind the local Walmart.

I need all the help I can get, as do all disabled and mentally ill metro Atlanta residents currently suffering and being displaced in this unprecedented affordable housing crisis.
Marietta, GA, USA

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