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To: Robb Pitts, Chairman, Fulton County Board of Commissioners

Reform Fulton County Development Authority -- Commissioner Pitts: Appoint a good new board member!

We call on Fulton Commission Chair Robb Pitts to appoint a reformer to his slot on the DAFC board without delay. She or he would must be charged to work with other new board members to clean up board practices and to refuse developer tax breaks in hot city markets.

Why is this important?

Fulton County's Development Authority (DAFC) is clearly off track. The AJC's expose has shown that it is a rogue agency, rife with self-dealing. Worse, it has been doling out hundreds of millions of breaks on Atlanta's tax dollars for projects in hot markets that would still be built without abatements. Both Atlanta City Council and the Atlanta School Board have unanimously asked DAFC to stop granting tax breaks in the city, but DAFC refuses to listen.

We need to seize this opportunity to reform DAFC. The public cannot wait any longer for a new DAFC board majority.

See this article for more information on DAFC's corruption:
Fulton County, GA, USA

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