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To: Memphis Housing Authority, Mayor Jim Strickland

Makowsky Ringel Greenberg (MRG) Needs To Be Investigated NOW!

We are contacting you on account of many current and past tenants at Makowsky Ringel Greenberg (MRG) apartments. We have all experienced similar issues and a concerning trend:

1. They do not answer the phone and are never in the office. They also do not return voice-mail. But as soon as you are late on rent they are quick to call, fine, and evict.
2. Units are all cockroach infested but the management gaslights us and tells us "nobody is having issues in your complex besides you". This is a lie- neighbors talk to each other. We all complain about cockroaches and are told this exact statement.
3. They will not do adequate pest control. The pest control does the bare minimum to get by legally. We have video evidence of this. They either never come or when they do they spray 2 or so spots then leave all within a few seconds.
4. They send fake fines to people and say they are late on rent when they are not. This happened to me but then I learned it happened to my friends in other buildings as well.
5. They are apparently well known as THE company that overcharges you in move-out/damage fees. Its very suspicious. People will have little to no damage and be charged hundreds to thousands.

We need MRG to be investigated on account of illegal activity, neglect, and housing discrimination. We need to hold them accountable on behalf of current tenants and all past victims.

Why is this important?

In 2022, there is a lack of affordable housing especially in Memphis. There is little to no affordable housing that is actually safe and habitable and not a nightmare to live in. A large part of that reason is because of this company. Makowsky Ringel Greenberg is one of the largest corporate landlords (slumlords) in Memphis. They are keeping people in the cycle of poverty by putting them into these positions and then robbing them as they leave. This company also runs their own debt collection agency (Absolute Recovery Services), which has multiple reports of harrassment. Once people do escape their slumlord run properties they are hindered by the excessive greed and illegal practices by this company. This petition sends a message to slumlords that business practices that put profit ahead of the safety and wellbeing of their tenants will not be tolerated in the District or the City of Memphis. It is structural racism and classism. It is the most obvious and direct example of corporate greed that destroys communities and continues the cycle of poverty.

How it will be delivered

Via email, mail, and in person.


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