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To: Zoning Review Board

Keep Peoplestown Affordable!

A developer with plans for a luxury apartment complex is seeking approval to rezone the area from industrial to residential. The developer has been voted down once by longtime residents of NPU-V once, but is not taking no for an answer.

Community members and the Redevelopment Board are planning to create a job incubation center, because they recognize that is what the community needs, not more luxury housing! If housing is to be developed, the community would prefer the majority of the units to be at 60% and below of the AMI, rather than the plan put forward to build 400 market rate units and only 5% at 80% AMI.

Why is this important?

All over the city, developers get carte blanche to build apartment buildings to bring in more affluent residents, while neighbors are left powerless. Help us take the power back!
Peoplestown, Atlanta, GA, USA

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