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To: HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge

HUD: Take action to improve conditions for Millennia tenants!

We are demanding that the Department of Housing and Urban Development:

1) Initiate a national investigation into Millennia.

2) Improve oversight and enforcement of conditions standards.

3) Reimburse Millennia tenants for out-of-pocket expenses related to their living conditions.

4) Provide safe, affordable housing choices to displaced Millennia residents.

5) Honor the demands of local tenant associations.

6) Include tenants and tenant associations in decision making about the future of their housing.

7) Protect tenants’ right to organize.

8) Fund resident organizing activities.

Why is this important?

Millennia is one of the largest owners and operators of HUD project-based section 8 housing in the country. It manages over 30,000 units across the country, most of which receive some type of federal subsidy.

On a daily basis, tenants in Millennia complexes deal with neglected maintenance requests, dangerous living conditions, and disrespect from property staff. In some complexes, tenants who speak out or attempt to organize around these issues face retaliation. Millennia tenants have had enough.

We are a collective of Millennia tenants, community organizers, lawyers, and allies. We recognize that Millennia is only able to get away with its behavior because HUD allows it. For years, HUD has failed to hold Millennia accountable to its responsibility to provide safe, decent and sanitary housing.


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