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To: Warren Sander, Executive VP for Elon Management southeast region

Housing Justice for Indian Lake

We the Tenants of Indian Lake Apartments demand the following issues be addressed immediately for the wellness of our community:

The physical safety and health of our tenants must be respected. At the Indian Lake apartments, there are electrical hazards due to the exposed lamp wire and faulty outlets. Sanitation hazards due to sewage runoff. As well as physical safety hazards due to tree roots blocking pathways. All physical hazards must be fixed for the safety of our community.

The replacement and installation of all defective appliances such as fridges and ovens. Elon needs to ensure that all tenants have access to the functional appliances that are supposed to come with their units.

A functional gutter system is needed in order to prevent flooding. The gutters are currently clogged and broken, preventing them from carrying excess water away from the apartments. This leads to unnecessary water damage to the unit and the tenant's possessions. The gutter system must be fixed.

Extermination of pests that roam the property and get into apartments. Many of the apartments are dealing with various different infestations of cockroaches and other vermin. Elon management must work with the tenants in order to make their units pest free.

The removal of mold inside the apartments. Much of the apartments have mold in the walls, vents, and various other places. This mold is making many of the tenants sick and is resulting in hospital visits. All mold must be removed from the apartments and the source of the dampness causing the mold should be fixed.

Quick and speedy communication between Elon management and the tenants. Management should not be taking a long time to address our concerns. The needs of the tenants should be promptly addressed by management.

Why is this important?

We the tenants of the Indian Lake Apartment complex have been subjected to poor conditions and criminally negligent management. Many of us are dealing with mold, fire and electrical hazards, pests, and pathway obstructions. These dangerous conditions make the complex a poor living environment, especially for our children, our elders, and our disabled community. In some cases, these conditions have resulted in hospitalizations. When trying to address these problems with management their reactions have ranged from apathy to outright hostility. They have gone as far as threatening to evict us if we speak out about these conditions. In addition, though many of us cannot find housing elsewhere, management consistently raises both rent and fees while not providing additional services or fixing pre-established issues with our units. Many of us cannot relocate, yet our rent and additional fees have increased. Despite this, management has not provided additional services to correspond with the increase in the cost of living or addressed pre-established property issues such as the ones mentioned above.

The administration of Indian Lake, run by Elon Management, has been using a vast system of bureaucracy in order to distance themselves from the suffering they are responsible for. Property management deflects the burden of responsibility for the well-being of the tenants onto the higher levels of administration at Elon. When we inevitably find no success in contacting these people, management acts like their hands are tied behind their back as they increase rents. Elon Management and more specifically their executive VP of their southwest properties, Warren Sander, must be held accountable for the poor conditions at Indian Lake. They cannot be allowed to silently sit back while we suffer and have our finances vampirically drained, all with the threat of unjust eviction hanging over our heads. Elon and Warren Sander must act now in order to save their tenants from their phlegmatic cruelty.

237 Indian Lake Dr, Morrow, GA 30260, USA

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