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To: CC Clarkston LLC and Code Capital Partners

Clarkston Station tenants demand adequate maintenance and an end to unnecessary fees

The residents of Clarkston Station demand that the owners of the property, CC Clarkston LLC and Code Capital Partners, take the following steps to address the serious concerns they have:
1. Withdraw the ridiculous $25 trash fee on top of the rent residents already pay and install at least three more dumpsters throughout the property and ensure they are emptied regularly so that residents are able to safely dispose of their trash.
2. Respond promptly to maintenance requests and ensure that all units are kept to adequate standards, including immediately removing hazardous mold and conditions that lead to it, controlling pests inside and outside units, and ensuring AC and heating units are functional.
3. When completing maintenance requests, do so in a respectful way, giving residents 24 hours notice before entering the property, ensuring residents' personal items are not disturbed to the extent possible, and ensuring the door is locked after the maintenance is completed.
4. Repair common areas of the complex, including the playground, swimming pool, basketball court, and gym, to adequate standards so that residents are able to enjoy the amenities they pay for, and clean up hazardous materials around the property like broken glass and trash.
5. Stop illegally evicting tenants in the middle of a pandemic, and commit to following Georgia law by never retaliating against residents who exercise their rights by advocating for better conditions.
6. Refrain from any rent increases for at least one calendar year given the pandemic and the economic fallout, in accordance with the letter and spirit of the LIHTC program in which the property participates, and accept any payments tenants make toward their rent balance, including from rental assistance programs.
7. When communicating with residents, do so by email and phone instead of placing letters on their doors.
8. Fix the gate at the front of the property and holes in the fence around the property, hire security officers, and install security cameras so that only residents and guests can access the property and residents can feel safe in their homes.

Why is this important?

Residents at Clarkston Station have experienced countless indignities and violations of their rights as tenants at the hands of the managers and owners of the property. Residents have had to deal with mold, pests, broken air conditioning units, and ceiling collapses, with their repeated maintenance requests being ignored by management. The landlord has also repeatedly increased the rent and charged a ridiculous $25 fee for a trash disposal problem they caused through their lack of maintenance. On top of all this, the landlord has illegally attempted to evict residents in the middle of a pandemic despite a national moratorium on evictions. The owner of the property is Code Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in New Canaan, Connecticut, and has more than enough resources to address these problems. The residents of Clarkston Station have come together to demand that they do so.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to management in person on Monday, February 1.

3629 Montreal Creek Cir, Clarkston, GA 30021, USA

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