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To: Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

ATL Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Please Stop the Evictions of Peoplestown Residents

Mayor Bottoms you know that we have been fighting to stay in our homes for 8 years. We've been fighting in court for 5 years. You met with some of us and acknowledged our pain and promised to help us. You asked for alternative plans that would allow us to stay and for the City to build its project and we provided them. Nothing changed. Now the City, under your leadership and at your direction, is moving to evict us (elders and children) in the midst of a pandemic, as the temperature drops. Please have mercy on us and if you won't call off the lawsuits, at least call off the evictions!!

Why is this important?

The only reason we've been able to stay in our homes for the past 8 years is because of the support of the community and of our neighbors! Please sign our petition and ask ATL Mayor Bottoms to do the right thing and call off the evictions she is directing.
Peoplestown, Atlanta, GA, USA

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